Who can learn SAP BPC ?

Functional to Technical: Anyone with accounting / finance work experience or education background are good candidates for SAP BPC. You should leverage your finance skills and acquire technical skills. If you don't have a accounting / financial background, you can advance by acquiring CMA / CFA certification or , which is not a mandate. 

Suitable Education: B.Com, M.Com, BBA, MBA, CA, ICWA, ICA, CMA, CFA

Technical to Functional:  
You should leverage your technical skills and acquire finance skills. Anyone with BI/DW/SAP BW skills are a good fit. The rationale behind OLTP, OLAP, ETL, dimensions, measures, structured reports, excel analysis are same. 

SAP BPC is a end user tool to plan, budget, forecast, consolidate and report. The BPC skill sets are techno-functional in nature. However, if you come from a purely technical background or functional background, don't be discouraged. It is rare to find consultants with both the technical skills and accounting skills. 

Why to learn SAP BPC ?

SAP BPC is used by multinationals and big corporations for their business planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidation & legal & managerial reporting. So its obvious that you will be placed in a fortune big companies / projects.

SAP BPC consultants are one of the highest paid SAP consultants worldwide.

The SAP BPC market is really heating up at the moment & huge demand for SAP BPC skilled resources. 

Choose a field which demands more, as not much of them are ready to travel the rocky path. SAP BPC is not hard, but its ain't easy. If you choose a field easy to learn, you will eventually end up in a rat race. 

Check the salary & demand index for SAP BPC here:  IT Job Watch

Why choose SAP ?

SAP is the best in maintaining and nurturing the SAP Eco-system and makes sure everyone part of the SAP eco-system get benefited (Customers, SAP partners, Employees, SAP itself). SAP manages to come up with a win-win situation and makes its best to hold up its SAP employee value. SAP ranks first as the enterprise application vendor (Second is Oracle) and so the market is huge, and so the opportunities are huge. Business Objects is one of the biggest BI companies and it has been acquired by SAP few years back. SAP BI & SAP Business Objects BI solutions are tightly integrated with all of its SAP products & its pre-delivered BI content makes it impossible for other BI products to sell its products and solutions to a SAP customer, which all together creates a huge market for SAP consultants. 

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